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A Sleeping & Dreaming Spa Cultural Experience

Have you often wondered what your Dreams may be saying to you and about you and the world within and around you? 

Ancient cultures including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese as well as Native Americans brought Dreams to special places with sacred springs, holy wells and regenerative pools.  These natural environments provided times and spaces for deep rest and long sleeps that nurtured and enhanced personal and social Dreaming. 

Dreams can serve as a threshold and doorway into the imagination and workings of Soul and in turn can increase abilities to look deeper into personal, social, cultural and spiritual realms of wellness and wholeness.

Spa Cultures, Dream Times & Conscious Cosmos, an experiential seminar and program at Bad Sulza, Germany, explores these principles, processes and legacies in a modern-day state-of-the-art spa environment.

Professor Jonathan Paul DeVierville,  Ph.D., M.S.S.W., a Jungian psychotherapist and well-known spa historian, facilitates this exploration that can help to reveal not only how a person’s Dreams and how they relate to oneself, but also how, when and where Dreams connect to the wider-world and planet.  

This method of exploration: “Eco - Social - Psi - Cultural - Dreaming - Field”  is  experienced when individuals as well as groups share Dreaming and observe images and discover themes related not only to themselves but also the global domains of culture, civilization and cosmos.  (Dr. Carl Gustav Jung referred to this as the “Primordial Images and Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious.”)

Spa Cultures, Dream Times & Conscious Cosmos seminar takes place in the  spa town of Bad Sulza very near the cultural city of Weimar where visionaries Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Rudolf Steiner worked. 

Your stay at the Toskana Hotel an der Therme, Bad Sulza includes traditional spa bathing in geo-thermal mineral waters as well as floating in the world-famous Liquid Sound Temple:  a spectacular  circular pool flooded with sound, light and video over and under the water.  

These relaxing surroundings and stimulating group sessions make your own Dreams more vivid and help relate their meaning to your everyday life, creativity  and relationships.


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Spa Cultures, Dream Times & Conscious Cosmos